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Fully Digitised Investment ~ The Future is Now


In addition to alternative asset portfolio construction and management, we offer:


  • full custodial digitisation of investment assets;

  • brokerage between fiat and crypto currencies;

  • digitisation of tangible investments (e.g. gold, artwork, stamps) into ERC20 tokens for transferability purposes;

  • creation of your own investment token to crowd-fund your own project or business;

  • public or private (anonymous) digitisation of assets;

  • Monthly, Quarterly and/or Annual Valuation Reports;

  • One-to-One voice encrypted consultations for clarity and privacy;


See services for more info.  


 Join Cyberinvest Network Today and make money from Crypto! 


There are basically 4 main ways to make money from Cryptocurrency:

1. Investment = You buy some crypto and hope it goes up.

2. Mining = You set yourself up with some miners and start mining Bitcoin, Litecoin etc.

3. Issuer = You invent your own cryptocurrency and sell it in an ICO.

4. Distributor = You recommend to your contacts, followers etc. and earn commission.

Of course, ALL of these methods CAN make you money BUT only ONE is actually GUARANTEED to make you money, because it doesn't cost you anything (except a bit of time) and there's no downside. Which one is it? It's number 4 of course: distributor.


So, how does it work?


Cyberinvest  has set up a Network Model for crypto distribution. First we enter into an arrangement with an ICO issuer to receive a commission if we refer an investor to the ICO and that investor buys tokens. 


Then we advertise to anyone interested that we have a commission (distribution) deal with an ICO provider for say 5% in which case we take 1% and the distributor gets 3% ... the investor also gets 1% and that's why this works. The distributor is issued with a unique Distributor Code to be used by any investors which the distributor refers to the ICO and who buy tokens. So the distributor helps market the ICO using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Bitcointalk.org, etc.


The distributor essentially recommends the ICO to his/her contacts, work colleagues, social media contacts etc. When those people go along to the ICO buy page and invest in the ICO Token, the distributor receives a commission of say 3% (it will vary from ICO to ICO - maybe on some more than 3%, maybe on some a little less) and this will be paid over to the distributor directly by the ICO issuer (maybe even via a smart contract), who will also pay us 1% for our work in setting up the deal.


But, you may ask, why would the investor bother, or even remember, to enter the Distributor Code when they buy the tokens? Simple: because when they enter a code they will also receive 1% of extra tokens for free just for entering a code - so why would they not do that?

As a distributor member of Cyberinvest Network ALL you have to do is to talk to friends, colleagues, family and make social media posts,  recommending the particular ICO. As in this example you would then get 3% of whatever these people invest and that could be 3% of thousands potentially - there is absolutely no cost to you and ALL the ICO projects that we will recommend via the Network will be absolutely legit, good quality projects that your friends, family, followers etc. will thank you for introducing them to. You could easily make a few hundred euros, roubles, francs etc. a month doing this at ZERO cost to yourself as we don't ask any joining fee for you to sign up to our Network - as we also get 1% too and that's enough for us.

As you can see, with no cost to join and average commission rates of around 3% just for sending someone to a website, this has to be one of the best affiliate marketing programs currently on offer! So why not join up today? You have everything to gain and nothing to lose and remember, Cyberinvest will NEVER ask you to pay any money to either join or be a member of our Network.

Join our Network Today!

Just send us the form below and we'll be in touch by email within the next few days.




If you're looking for help in building your own bespoke cryptocurrency portfolio, we can certainly do that for you.


Have an asset or assets that you want digitised? Look no further, we can digitise almost anything.


For anyone interested in just converting fiat to crypto and delivering it to a recipient we have you covered.


Want your own token or cryptocurrency but don't know where to start? No problem, we can build what you want from scratch.


If you're looking to embark on a major crowd-funding or digitisation project we're sure to be able to sort that for you.


Thinking to invest into some  managed service or trading strategy but not sure if it's legit or a scam? We can assess.